Farm Fresh offers a wide variety of services in the Audio and Video field:

•Tracking (Analog and Digital) – Farm Fresh is primarily a music recording studio. We routinely record a wide variety of musical styles and work with musicians making their first record to their 20th record. The studio is large enough to handle up to a 50 piece orchestra but comfortable and affordable enough to accommodate a solo singer-songwriter. Have some questions about digital and/or analog recording? Click here for our thoughts.

•Mixing- We can mix just about any project you can bring, even if it was not recorded here. We regularly work in ProTools, Nuendo, and Vegas. You can bring us songs you’ve recorded on virtually any multi-track recorder ranging from an older 4-track cassette to a 2″ 24 track recorder.
•Mastering- Mastering is not the primary business of Farm Fresh, but we can provide an excellent quality master for most projects with a smaller budget. For larger mastering budgets, I recommend Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering or Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Additionally, the Chicago Mastering Service website has great information about mastering preparation, loudness, and vinyl.

•Consulting, Design, and Installation- We are developing our Acoustic Treatment, Soundproofing, and Home Studio consulting business at this time. We have done a few successful projects and will continue, but it is not a primary part of our business right now. We are authorized Auralex dealers, but we do not maintain a stock or have a retail outlet for sales. Typically we’re just selling Auralex to our select consulting clients.
•Video- Video digitization and basic editing, including titling and some visual effects, is a new service we are offering.
•Live Sound- Engineer Jacob Belser is available as a live sound engineer for select shows and ensembles. He is also available for select A1 and A2 work. Please email or call if you are interested.
•Equipment Repair- We can repair most professional audio equipment, but be prepared to pay a lot.